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17 year old lesbian in love.
Love literature, cats, and bad weather.
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I just died.


If I’m dating you, you don’t need to get jealous of other people. I am with you, only you. If you ever think I’m flirting with other people, I’m not. There’s a reason why I chose you and only you. I only want you, no one else. You are mine. I am yours.

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You know there are programs that can change your daughters confused predilections.

My heart fucking broke during this scene. 

This was my favourite scene. He’s a military man who comes off as a typical “manly man” and he stands up for his daughter being lesbian. This scene was heartbreaking but fucking beautiful.


there’s so much happening right now it’s overwhelming I just want to get on a plane and go anywhere just to get away from everything

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How to ask if a girl is gay

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benefits of being a lesbian

  • soft
  • cuddles
  • girls
  • calm
  • soft
  • girls


  • she won’t kill the spider either

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